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About the Editor

Thank you for considering Inkstand Editorial! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been an editor since 2012, and launched Inkstand in 2016 with the goal of helping writers get their manuscripts ready for the next stage. My focus is on copy editing and line editing—the nuts and bolts of storytelling.

The copy edits I offer vary from very light (the manuscript has minimal grammatical and structural errors) to heavy (the manuscript has quite a few grammatical and structural errors). In these edits, I mostly focus on grammar, punctuation, and structure, while leaving some comments and questions for the author to think about. A line edit is one level past a heavy copy edit, going through the manuscript making sure that every single sentence has a place in the story. Besides focusing on all the elements of a copy edit, the comments and questions are more substantial, in order to help the author think about story elements and how plot points fits together.

I have experience working with new and veteran authors alike, and enjoy helping them craft their stories on their way to publication.

In order to keep my skills sharp and ensure I’m meeting the standards of the industry, I’m a member of the Professional Editors Network and Editorial Freelancers Association.

Though I accept many genres for editing (see the full list here), my favorites to work on are science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction, especially with female protagonists. If you’re interested in the types of books I read in my spare time, I’ve written about a few on my blog.

I look forward to working with you!