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Apartments and Paper and Kitties, Oh My!

Halfway through the week! And it’s actually been somewhat productive–though the to-do list never seems to shrink.

With the move from North Star to Inkstand, a move in location is also in order. So Andy and I have two apartment showings set up (so far)! One is for a place that I’m not actually that excited about (more-expensive rent and holy crap their cat deposit is ridiculous), and the other sounds like it would be perfect. I hope. Rent is reasonable, even with “cat rent,” and the deposits aren’t too bad . . . now I’m just hoping for a place where we can live and I can work. Fingers crossed! I also realized today that aside from being closer to literary events and great indie bookstores and that sort of thing, I’ll also be closer to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts! When it’s feasible, I would love to begin taking classes there. I took a book arts course in college that included letterpress and binding and such, as well as a papermaking course (gotta love liberal arts colleges), and it would be fantastic to have that sort of creative outlet again.

Also exciting, I arrived home after a good day at work (progress on a fun, fairly easy edit), to a slim package in my mailbox. Opened it up, and:

paperHeck. Yes.

When I ordered the free wedding paper sample (hey, they emailed me first. How could they have known I’m a paper nerd?), I didn’t expect to see this for another couple weeks. The samples are so pretty!

samples.jpgMy favorite so far is the laser cut one on the top right, and what do you know, it would fit the theme. Well, what little theme we’ve decided on so far. The marbling on the top left is absolutely gorgeous, too. Who am I kidding? They’re all stunning.

In other news, my PEN (Professional Editors Network) membership came through, so I really should fill out my details and what I offer. I’ve heard great things about the group and have attended one of their seminars before. They should be a great resource, and I’m excited to work with them.

Okay, I promised cats.

cat rings.jpg

My sister, Liz (photo credit), ordered each of us cat rings a few weeks back,and I finally got mine last week. I’m wearing the gold cat ears today, and they’re just so cute! It’s the little things to make the day a little brighter.

And now, back to work. (Or Once Upon a Time.)

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